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Weight loss does not require pills or special products, nor does it require surgery. Believe it or not, it doesn’t even require exercise. What you put in your mouth makes all the difference.

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Latest KetoBlog: “Your Obesity Is Not A Priority For You”

I talk to, and see so many of you that complain about your weight. But the honest, straight up answer is that you don’t really care. You complain, but you do nothing.

If you are overweight, especially if you are obese, you are part of the same complaining and do-nothing crowd. You really don’t care.

Well, perhaps you care, but you really don’t care. And until you truly care, you will stay right where you are. Complaining. But, not caring. If you could snap your fingers and be healthy and thin, the finger snapping would commence. But really, you just don’t care.

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