What is KetoSuccess and Who Am I?

Hi there! I’m John Chapman. At this point, I’ve lost 50 lbs. I still have another 10 or so to lose, maybe 15. I’m close to my goal, and then will just maintain. I started my Ketogenic Journey several years ago, and I struggled to find good information in the beginning. Of course, I didn’t even know what the Ketogenic Diet was when I started. As I learned and followed correctly the things I’d learned, the weight began to fall off. And now, the closer I get to my goal weight, I find I have to tighten up my food game (The fat practically fell off in the beginning.) As the Ketogenic Diet is so different, finding good information was difficult back then. I continue to delve into searching and investigating and learning. Some of the things I first learned I initially discarded. As it turns out, it was indeed the truth – but so different from what I was taught all my life. It just seemed…. wrong. I’ve experimented a bit, and learned more.

This isn’t my first go-around with losing weight. Many, many years ago, I lost a lot of weight from a combination of changing my diet, biking long and frequently, and working out at the gym. I succeeded, but did not know what I needed to maintain that loss. I gained it back, and then some.

Even throughout my journey, I’ve not been locked in as well as I should have been. I’ve made decisions that caused me to stall, and every single time it was my OWN fault. Circumstances change, environments change, and temptations present themselves. When I stayed on track, it was me. When I derailed… yup, still me.

I’ve learned so much ( And I am STILL learning!), I’ve had such great success, and everywhere I go, I see people struggling with their weight. I want to share my success, my knowledge and help those people. If YOU are one of them, I want to help you.

I’d like to take a moment and show you some examples of my success. And some “before” pictures.

This picture was from just a few years ago, with me standing with my son. Yeah, that gut appears way larger now than I thought  and felt at the time.





I had a Passport photo taken back a few years ago when I worked at AZZ as well, before I started this WOE. Yup, pretty chunky.




And, below is what I look like today.

This first one is a current success picture. I had saved these dress pants which when I bought them about almost 4 years ago, fit comfortably. So, here are a few pictures taken Feb 21st, 2016 wearing these same pants, and pulled out from my waist for effect. When they fit me, I was the size of the Passport photo above.




Of course, my belly did not stick out that far. I am simply showing how much slack there is now as my fat all the way around shrank.


And two more from the same day.






I created this site to share my journey, to help encourage others on this journey, and to celebrate your successes as you work to become a healthier you as well.

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