What is KetoSuccess and Who Am I?

Hi there! I’m John Chapman. At this point, I’ve lost almost 50 lbs. I still have another 10 or so to lose, maybe 15. I’m close to my goal, and then will just maintain. I started my Ketogenic Journey a couple of years ago, and I struggled to find good information in the beginning. Of course, I didn’t even know what the Ketogenic Diet was when I started. As I learned and followed correctly the things I’d learned, the weight began to fall off. And now, the closer I get to my goal weight, I find I have to tighten up my food game (The fat practically fell off in the beginning.) As the Ketogenic Diet is so different, finding good information was difficult back then. I continue to delve into searching and investigating and learning. Some of the things I first learned I initially discarded. As it turns out, it was indeed the truth – but so different from what I was taught all my life. It just seemed…. wrong. I’ve experimented a bit, and learned more.

This isn’t my first go-around with losing weight. Many, many years ago, I lost a lot of weight from a combination of changing my diet, biking long and frequently, and working out at the gym. I succeeded, but did not know what I needed to maintain that loss. I gained it back, and then some.

Even throughout my journey, I’ve not been locked in as well as I should have been. I’ve made decisions that caused me to stall, and every single time it was my OWN fault. Circumstances change, environments change, and temptations present themselves. When I stayed on track, it was me. When I derailed… yup, still me.

I’ve learned so much ( And I am STILL learning!), I’ve had such great success, and everywhere I go, I see people struggling with their weight. I want to share my success, my knowledge and help those people. If YOU are one of them, I want to help you.

I’d like to take a moment and show you some examples of my success. And some “before” pictures.

This picture was from just a few years ago, with me standing with my son. Yeah, that gut appears way larger now than I thought  and felt at the time.





I had a Passport photo taken back a few years ago when I worked at AZZ as well, before I started this WOE. Yup, pretty chunky.




And, below is what I look like today.

This first one is a current success picture. I had saved these dress pants which when I bought them about almost 4 years ago, fit comfortably. So, here are a few pictures taken Feb 21st, 2016 wearing these same pants, and pulled out from my waist for effect. When they fit me, I was the size of the Passport photo above.




Of course, my belly did not stick out that far. I am simply showing how much slack there is now as my fat all the way around shrank.


And two more from the same day.






My goal is to lose the last bit, and have a six-pack. I want to make this happen before July, ’cause I want a six-pack before I turn 50. I am 49 now, this gives me just a tad less than 5 months. Will I make it? I’ll definitely get a six-pack, the 5 months is a bit tight, but I will be really close.

I created this site to share my journey, to help encourage others on this journey, and to celebrate your successes as you work to become a healthier you as well. The easiest way, is to join the email list. At this point, you’ll get at least one regular email a week. When more category specific emails come out, you will have that option to get those as well. Love to have you, just click HERE and subscribe!

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