It’s Your Fault You Are Fat

That’s right. If you are fat, it is your fault. Walk to the mirror, and take a long, hard look at yourself. Absolutely, without a doubt, YOU are the reason you are fat.

Did you intentionally get fat? Ruling out any weird exceptions, of course not. Did you have a choice about what kinds of foods and substances to put into your mouth? Absolutely. Are there many, many excuses you make about what you eat? Again, absolutely yes.

Today, however, can begin a new way of eating, a new you.

Since it is your eating decisions that have led to this point, you can take the steps to get rid of the fat, get healthier, have more energy. No matter how much you have to lose, how old you are, or your current health status, you can lose weight. Are you overweight, in a wheelchair, and have diabetes? You can still get healthier and lose weight. Are you a 60-year-old attorney living on energy drinks and French Fries and have a hard time just walking into the courtroom? You can make a win in your life. Are you cringing as every year you go up another size?

Everyone, from every walk of life, in every physical condition, can lose weight, and get healthier.

You are not born with an extra 100 lbs, or 50lbs, or even an extra 10lbs. We add that on bite by bite.

This journey to better health, to losing weight, is one that requires a commitment, a dedication, and ultimately, a change in the way you approach life.

Improving your health is free. Improving your health saves you money in the long run. Improving your health gives you more options. You can become healthy and vibrant, which also leads to a better perception amongst family, friends, co-workers. Getting healthy can lead to success in many ways.

At KetoSuccess, we want to help you on this journey of change. We want you to experience life in a better way. We know that you hold all the power in your decisions, and you can make those changes – if you desire them.

The motto for KetoSuccess is, “Celebrating And Encouraging Your Keto Journey”. Here you will find celebration of your wins, which range from physical to emotional. And indeed, you will find encouragement to keep on, you can do this.

If you need to make a change in your life, and you have the desire to do so, I welcome you to the KetoSuccess community. Here on KetoSuccess you will find support as you work toward losing weight, and becoming healthier!

Now, what to do first? Simply start. And to do this, read the START page. I’ll talk to you soon.

John Chapman – KetoSuccess

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