Three Rules For Successful Weight Loss – Part Two

In the last article, I covered the first and most important of the three rules for successful weight loss. To recap, these three rules are (in order of importance):

1) What you eat.
2) How much you eat.
3) When you eat.


The Second Rule Of Successful Weight Loss

The second rule of successful weight loss is “How Much You Eat”. Even if you are eating the right foods, with all the right ratios, you can still eat too much! A delightful fact is that if you are eating the right foods, religiously, it is much harder to gain weight.

This rule is really pretty simple. If you eat too much, your body stores it as fat. Even if you always eat the right foods, you can still gain fat from eating too much. If you eat too much of the wrong food, you can gain a LOT of fat. It really is just about that simple. I am going to leave it there, even though there are nuances to consider, that really aren’t that important right now.

If your body, activity, metabolism all dictate that 1500 calories a day will keep you where you are without gaining or losing weight – then eating less or more will have an effect. All of the nuances aside, if you eat 500 calories a day more than you need, you will gain. If you eat 500 calories less, you will lose. Keep in mind, that you shouldn’t get to focused specifically on calories only. It is just one component to consider with weight management.


Don’t go hungry

In my opinion, if you are just starting the Ketogenic Diet, if you have been eating a crappy diet, you very well might find yourself very hungry when you start eating correctly. Don’t sweat it. Bake a large package of chicken thighs, and quench your hunger. Chicken thighs are ZERO carbs, unless you season them with carbs. They are high protein and have a great natural fat content. Pair this with a small helping of well buttered (real butter) green beans with some sea salt, and you have now stepped up to a great food combination.

I specifically mentioned green beans, because they are lower in carbs. ALL VEGETABLES ARE NOT THE SAME. What you eat also matters, reference Part One. So, if you have a cup of Green Beans, you are eating 7 grams of carbs. If you have a cup of white corn, you are eating 123 grams of carbs which is just insane. One cup of white corn is slightly more carbs than you should eat for SIX DAYS. Absurd, yes?

How much you eat matters. And it matters in conjunction with WHAT you are eating. If you keep the choices right, your HOW MUCH YOU EAT is not as critical, but it still matters.


A Good Reference Article

A great article I found with good points to consider is at:


Next time

The next in this series, part three, will address a topic thrown out all over the place, “When you eat”. We have all heard, the most important meal of the day is breakfast. Or, never eat at night. Or, eat every two hours to keep your metabolism up. I’ll address these and more in part three.

Talk to you soon – John Chapman

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