I’m not focusing on the scale anymore

When I first started losing weight, I was fascinated watching the numbers get smaller – almost daily- as I lost fat. My old belt kept getting pulled tighter, and then I had to make a new hole. Then another. Then I switched to a smaller belt. It was almost surreal to me.

All this time that I was losing weight, I was not working out. I walked a lot, but this was more of walking my dog, and I liked to go exploring. I did not “work out”. I did this for a couple of reasons, but the primary one was to prove that you can lose weight WITHOUT WORKING OUT! What you eat (what you DON’T EAT), matters more than anything.

I had a goal of a six-pack by the time I turned 50. Well, that was a couple of months ago, and I did not reach the six-pack. I did reach 50 years old, though. 🙂 Now, I’ve also reached somewhat of a plateau, and I still want to reduce my waist size even further. But I’m very close to losing all the fat I need to lose, and I’ve proven that diet is the most important thing. Now, I am ready to start building muscle. But not any muscle, I want functionality. I want limberness. I want to play like a kid (I still act like a kid, anyway).

About 3 years or so, ago, I took a couple of parkour classes. Yes, this is before I lost 50 lbs, and I was lugging my fat ass around. But, I did enjoy it. Later, after I did lose weight, I was at the beach in Washington State  and was hopping from rock to rock to tree to tree, etc (the trees were lying on the beach from the ocean washing them up).

From today, a bit over a year ago, I spent six months helping my brother on his farm. Now THIS was a workout. A lot of shoulder work, and core impact. Yeah, I felt it! But it felt good.

I don’t really want to go to the gym, but I wanted more than just pushups, situps, etc. So I started researching bodyweight training. What I found are routines, exercises that are bodyweight, but also very gymnastic. So, I’ve started exploring this way of exercising, moving, working out.

I’ve been working through a few simple exercises now for a few weeks. Pullups, Chinups, Hanging Leg Raises, L-Sit, Pushups (a bit differently), Rows while hanging from the bar, Air Squats. I am working on pistol squats, which are one-legged squats.

Also, I have been exposed to a whole new aspect on stretching. Everything from stretching the internal parts of my ankle and foot, to lower back, hamstrings, fingers, wrists, etc. And it is interesting how good just this stretching feels.

One of the things I like about this is that it is low impact. Good for me, as I don’t want to damage my body. But some of this is still very, very challenging. Other aspects are that these exercises are very, very functional. You are moving, and building strength across a wide range of movement. So when you need to pick up that heavy item, or stabilize something while building, or climb a tree or work your way up a steep rocky hillside – you have the capability.

I made a video of me doing a few of these exercises (or trying). I’ll be posting it later.

But I kinda got off topic – which was NOT focusing on the scale anymore. That’s cause as I am working out, building muscle, the scale will reflect -that- weight as well. So I WILL weigh myself, but hopefully, I will see the scale show not a lot of difference, or even start climbing again. But I want to continue to shrink in the waist while increasing size in my shoulders, back, legs, forearms, etc.

My key indicators will be my increased mobility, my increased strength, and my lessening of my apparent body fat.

If you would like to exercise – and you can regardless of your weight or age – check out bodyweight training. You can start from things as simple as stretching, moving, increasing your mobility and start doing very, very simple new things to encourage your body to grow and change. You can do this at any age. Just start wherever you are, and begin!

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