The Abyss… Cheese, Pork Rinds, Avocado.. DONUTS?

Almost stepping into the Abyss

I almost stepped off into the Abyss…

I was at the store, picking up a few things. Some Heavy Whipping Cream, some cheese, pork rinds, an avocado….. and donuts?

I admit, I was already a bit edgy. I was getting some healthy food to eat, but I was thinking of how to mix it up a little.

I had selected healthy items, had added a few yams for a treat in the next day or so. After I added my Heavy Whipping Cream I use for my coffee, I then passed the Ice Cream. Ohhh. It was looking good.

Then, I was in the area where there were so many pastries and bread.

I was snared. I browsed. I salivated.

I went to the donut section.

I went back to the pastry section.

My brain was lit up. I wanted them. I desired them.

I knew that if I got them, I would regret it, but I almost didn’t care.

I looked at the carbs and calories.

I looked for smaller containers.

Finally, I mustered up enough resistance and walked away. It was a close call.

The part that I hated the most was the intense desire I felt. The lack of control.

I fully admit, sometimes I will eat things that aren’t recommended. I do this, however, with intent. It is scheduled. I am in control.

This almost wasn’t.

I resisted. But it was such a close, close call.

I realized that in my life, I’ve never been much of one to eat a lot of sweets. The struggle others might have could be really intense. Way more intense than what I was experiencing.

And, if there is a day where the eating plan is broken, when desire takes over, rather than by logical choice. As soon as that meal is consumed, don’t look back. Don’t recriminate.

Just re-adjust. Move forwards.

Don’t let one day, one meal, get you off track.

So tell me about a time you faced a similar challenge. I’d definitely like to hear from you.


(Note: This was actually the contents of a prior newsletter, but it made sense to put it here as well.)



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