The Experiences Of Pushing Bread Out Of My Food Choices

I remember when I first started cutting back on bread. It took a while before I committed to eliminating it. And, even later I would indulge – and my body responded just like we have learned it would. With fat gain.

Several years ago when I began researching why and how to lose fat, about how our bodies worked, I learned about the benefits of bread. How eating bread would allow you to gain fat and stay puffy. Well, that was the wrong direction! So, I started changing a little about the way I ate.

First, I started cutting back on bread. I didn’t quit it, of course. However, I did dramatically reduce. In general, I wasn’t eating bread. And the interactions I had with other people were interesting.

First, I had lunch with a relative. I had a hamburger with no bun. He told me, “I’ve never seen anyone eat a hamburger without a bun before”. And, that is probably without a doubt true. We like our hamburgers with a thick slab of bread both top and bottom. It is TASTY. I explained to him why I was doing this, but thinking back, I am sure my explanation was rather weak. I was still floundering, trying to figure things out.

I went to lunch with some co-workers, and when I got my hamburger without bread, one of them said (and I am paraphrasing here), “You will never get me to give up my bread!”. But, he himself was seeing his waistline expand a little and wasn’t happy about it. And myself? Sometimes I still got the hamburger with the bun.

I spoke with one of my sisters, and got full support. She had experienced in her life the benefits of eating essentially low carb, and knew that I was on the right path. However, on occasion her and I went out to eat at I think a Mediterranean restaurant, and I ate the flat bread. It’s healthy, ya know. Yeah, not so much.

It was interesting that after making this change, and a few minor others, I lost a few pounds. Enough that a co-worker noticed, and I hadn’t realized that it was that significant. Eating low carb, specifically the Ketogenic Diet, is powerfully effective.

I kept experimenting, but I didn’t really know exactly why what I had done had worked. As I started eating other things I thought were healthy, I unfortunately put pounds back on me. Hence, I was pretty freakin’ frustrated.

After I moved to Washington State, I found a couple of different books, and started reading them. It was a good thing, as I wasn’t eating bread, but I was having a lot of crackers with butter on them. I didn’t quite realize at that moment that I would have been better off eating the butter without the crackers.

The two researchers that made the most impact to me were Jeff Volek and Stephen Phinney. They wrote a book called “The Art and Science of Low Carbohydrate Living” which is based on a combined over 50 years of research. So, I started reading this book, and started changing my diet. Once I truly adopted the principles, the fat started shedding quickly and easily. Dramatically. Amazingly.

But, I still experimented.

At one point, bread made with almond flour was excessively consumed. And guess what, you can gain fat even eating healthier choices! Once I stopped all that, and started making the choices I knew I should make, the fat I’d gained started coming off.

Some time passed, and I had exposure to my sister-in-law’s most excellent Banana Nut Bread. Oh, so good.

Even after I wasn’t eating the Banana Nut Bread, I was still engaging in a few habits that I shouldn’t have.

Once I tightened up, and was dutifully scrutinizing everything I ate to eradicate bread (and carbs), I began to lose again. And I got lower than I had been even in high school.

Bread, although it tastes good – can really negatively impact your goals of losing fat!

Have you tried giving up bread? Have you noticed it making a difference? Comment below, I’d like to hear from you.

– John Chapman, KetoSuccess

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