Introduction to the KetoBlog

Hello, and welcome to the KetoBlog.

The KetoBlog is the official blog for KetoSuccess. Here is where I discuss things a little more informally, where I touch on topics and questions I hear from you either in email, comments, forums, twitter, etc.

I have talked to many people, dug into the reasons why they are not taking action when they actually hear a WOE that works and what it can do for them. It seems there are three main challenges.

The first challenge is acceptance. Acceptance that the information is valid. Acceptance that this will really work for you. You hear that it does. You can see examples of it working for others – but you still doubt that it will work for you.

It seems that one of the other really hard challenges is to just get started. The what-ifs are numerous. There are a number of fears, and scenarios we play out in our heads can get crazy.

The third challenge is that, as much as you complain, as much as you wish, you really don’t care enough to make a change.

Most of you, if told you will die in a week unless you change your eating habits dramatically, would immediately be able to make the change. You would follow the road map of exactly  what to eat, you would become fastidious, meticulous, and not deviating from instruction.

The Ketoblog will be focusing significantly on combating these negative issues. You might call this the more emotional side of the Ketogenic WOE, with knowledge, and hard reality thrown in.

My expectation is that this will be helpful, that I will make a difference in your life.

And very important, is that I hear from you. That you help me understand what problems you face, so these problems can be SOLVED. Many others will face that exact same issue that you face – if we solve it for you, we can help others at the same time. You play a part.

I’m glad you are here. I am happy you are reading this. And, I’d like to know, what challenges DO you face? What is the hardest thing you think/feel/face about losing weight, and getting healthy?

Just answer below in the comments.

I’m excited to hear from you.

John Chapman


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