What is success for you? Success in food – and in life.

When it comes to your body, your measure of success is different than anyone else.

What is success for you?

Every one of you have different goals. Some of you might want to be very low fat, ripped, and able to rock a bikini. However, YOU might just want to lose the oppressive weight that is limiting how full you can live your life – maybe you just want that weight to be gone so you can run and play with your kids again. And some of you are rushing to sudden death unless you change your diet.

Re-frame success to match your life goals. Success for someone else is NOT success for you.

Let’s say you have a goal. You just want to be able to walk around normally. To do this, you have to lose 100 lbs. So each week, you lose. Each month, you can see in the mirror you are shrinking. Finally (yeah!), you have lost that 100 lbs. THIS IS SUCCESS!!!

You might STILL have more to lose, even if it was another 100 lbs. But you still achieved success. Are you done? Well, that is up to you. It is your life, your goals, your dreams, and your reasons.

I do know this much. You can do it. All it takes is a decision. Once you decide, then the actions follow.

And you know what else is amazing? As you succeed in this area of your life, you will find it easier to succeed in other areas. Once you start on the road of success, of setting and reaching goals, it can become a way of life.

Imagine: “Setting goals and reaching them” as a way of life. YES!

Take some time. Think about not just the short term, think about how your life can be better with deliberate decisions that lead to success all over your life.

You got this!

Til next time, John Chapman

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