LCHF and Diabetes – Full Presentation With Dr. Eric Westman (FREE!)

Dr. Eric Westman is well worth watching and learning from. Over on Diet Doctor, you can watch a presentation that has been behind their paywall, but are making this video free.

Table of contents

  1:14  Treatment of diabetes a hundred years ago
5:29  Diabetic diet in the pre-insulin era
8:55  Guidelines favor medications and high carb
10:15  Best science on low carb and blood sugar
12:25  You don’t need to eat carbohydrates
16:45  One teaspoon of sugar in the blood stream
18:15  Clinical experience with 20 g carbs /day
23:15  Happy patients – and happy doctors!
26:15  It’s so unbelievable – people don’t believe it

Check it out at:

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