Where to start using the Ketogenic Diet?



Where to start using the Ketogenic Diet?

Welcome and congratulations! You, taking the time to read this starting guide, is you taking another step towards health. Getting started with the Ketogenic Diet is pretty straightforward. I’ll walk you through the basics. Let’s get started!

Benefits of the Ketogenic Diet

How about some nitty gritty benefits? You can lose weight and not feel hungry. Even if you do, you can easily quell those hunger pains with a little bit of correct food choices that will be beneficial for you, and you won’t gain weight from these food choices. The Ketogenic Diet allows you to lose weight easily, almost bizarrely crazy easy. The thousands and thousands (hundreds of thousands?) of people across the world that have struggled with weight loss find that the Ketogenic Diet is easier, effective, and makes you feel crazy good!

One of the many really awesome things about the Ketogenic Diet is that it works for you. Yes, you. That’s because you are human, you have a human physiology, and eating this way works with a human physiology, not against it. We humans today eat foods that did not exist 100 or 200 years ago, we ingest chemicals that did not even exist 50 years ago, and our bodies aren’t doing so well with this. In addition, our bodies tell us when foods taste good, when they match just what we need – and food manufacturers are producing foods with chemicals inside that target those sensors. Now, we can eat something that is just really NOT good for us, but our tongues taste this and tell us this is everything we wanted. But, it isn’t. Our growing waistlines, our increasingly poorer health tell a different story.

What is the real story on what our bodies need?

What did we eat 5000 years ago? 1000 years ago? What did our ancestors just a few generations ago eat? And how well are our bodies responding to what we eat today?

We have observed the impact of dietary changes across many groups of people in recent times. Tribes, groups of people, even countries that have moved to a substantial portion of their food coming from sugar and carbs have seen changes in the overall health of the general populations. Such things as a higher incidence of heart attacks, diabetes, obesity, and many others have dramatically increased.

The food choices, the methodology, the Way Of Eating (WOE) in the Ketogenic Diet is scientific, and much research and proof is showing the incredibly positive results. I encourage you to read and learn how, and why this WOE works so well. The resources page on this site will provide you many documents, books, links, videos, studies.

Why does the Ketogenic Diet work?

The underlying reason the Ketogenic Diet works is that instead of burning glucose (sugar) for energy, your body switches over to using ketones for energy. Ketones is what humans have used for energy for a loooooong time. In very, very simple terms, glucose energy is like pouring gasoline on a fire. This is incredibly easy energy, and you only need a teeny little bit to provide a lot of power. Ketones are the energy your body utilizes in the absence of glucose. The amazing part? Once your body adapts back to using Ketones for energy – the huge storage of fat all over your body can power your body for MONTHS. Even if you ate nothing, only drank water (and insured your electrolytes were still in order), your body will use the fat off your body. However, your body will greedily use, store, and store, and store, sugar and carbohydrates. Change your diet to one that works with your body, instead of against it.

Getting started on the Ketogenic Diet

Getting started on the Ketogenic Diet is pretty straightforward. The major is simply the elimination of sugar. Sugar converts directly to glucose – yup, the explosive energy. Start with removing all “sugars” from your home. No white sugar. No brown sugar. No Agave. No coconut sugar. No rice sugar. Just. No. Sugar. Another source of sugar is carbohydrates. Yup, your body doesn’t care what you call carbs, it just treats it like sugar. And just like the sugar, the carbohydrates have gotta go. You will find carbohydrates in plenty of foods. Those things are hiding everywhere. And one of the major places carbohydrates are found is in bread. Yes, bread. White bread. Wheat bread. Corn bread (Corn is a major source of carbohydrates, as bad as sugar). As a matter of fact, the list of foods you CAN eat is pretty short. Foods that you THINK are great for you, are also a source of sugars. Take bananas for instance. High sugar. In the resources page you will find a link to foods you can eat. Also, you will find a list of foods you should NOT eat, and explain why. With careful selection, you can eat really well, be full, and STILL LOSE WEIGHT (and get healthier). Everything you need to improve your health and life can be found at the grocery store, farmers market, local farm, etc. The Ketogenic Diet is free (Of course, food is NOT). If someone tells you that you have to buy a single Ketogenic supplement, tool, device or special food – they are lying to you. Avoid them.

Facing the family and friends challenge

You will face challenges from friends, family, and especially from yourself. Those people that care about you will still say and do things that are the opposite of supporting you. This will be challenging. Just remember the why of eating differently. Perhaps in the past, you have tried to lose weight, eat healthier, and did not succeed. Today, this minute, this second – you can decide, “I WILL make a difference for myself!” With this step completed, you are ready to take action, and continue even if friends and family (and yourself) make it difficult.

KetoSuccess is here to help you on your Ketogenic journey

If this is too drastic for you, then stay fat, stay unhealthy. It is your choice. If you do choose to make a difference in your health, and your life, I will be here to help you. This site is here. You will receive encouragement. You will read success stories. You will read interviews with people that have made a difference in their lives. You will hear from people talking about the science and their experiences. You will find links. You can get the email newsletter with information, updates, encouragement. You CAN make a difference in your life, but you have to CHOOSE to make this difference. If you do so choose, WELCOME! But just so you know, KetoSuccess is a “No Whine” zone. The Ketogenic Diet is not “too hard”, and this diet does work. Male, Female, old, young, incredibly fat and obese to just the average overweight attorney or construction worker. No matter your lifestyle, your job, your income, you can eat better and make a difference in your life.

I hope that you decide to make a difference in your health and life. I made a difference in mine, and you can read my story in the about page. I will be eating this way for the rest of my life, and I hope you come along with me. You can do this. I want to share with you success stories, knowledge, and I want to hear from you! I want to know what challenges YOU face.

Is KetoSuccess a good fit for you?

Is KetoSuccess for me? Maybe. Maybe not. Ketosuccess is targetted towards two groups of people. The first group is the most common. If you are overweight, unhealthy, struggling with getting rid of the fat and you are willing to step up, do the work, follow through – then yes, KetoSuccess is definitely for you. The second group is people that have succeeded or are succeeding, and you want either a supportive group or you want to help! This site is absolutely about “Celebrating And Encouraging Your Keto Journey”.

Get started now

Start now by getting on the KetoSuccess email list. You will get success tips, encouragement, hear about success stories, Keto news, all kinds of good stuff. I keep it brief, but still cover the main points.

Your NEXT reading assignment: Basic Ketogenic Diet Eating Guide.

Join in and get started on your weight loss journey. I am looking forward to seeing you!

-John Chapman

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